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General Conditions


Please read these conditions carefully before using this website. By clicking on any button, link or object on www.befit.bg, except to access this webpage, you declare that you fully agree these General Conditions.

Owner of the Website

BE FIT OOD is the owner of websites and services located on the befit.bg domain. The site is managed from the company’s office in the city of Sofia, 247 Botevgradsko Shose Blvd., Transcapital Logistics Centre, tel.: 02 9424638, fax: 02 9424637, e-mail: office@befit.bg. Consumer’s phone: 0700 10118 (at a regular phone call price). BE FIT OOD is a company registered pursuant to the Commerce Law of the Republic of Bulgaria, Bulstat 200734882. The address and contact details of our drugstores are described in details in “Addresses” section. The company is a holder of license for operating drugstores with №1015 of 08.12.2009 by virtue of the Law on Medicinal Products in Human Medicine. The BeFit drugstore staff has the required medical education.


The procedure for registration in the site is absolutely voluntary and free of charge. You can review the website freely, without the need to make a registration. Such registration is needed only to do shopping through the online store. During the registration process you give information about you on voluntary basis. In case of providing false or incorrect information resulting in further complications, BE FIT has the right to close your account and to refuse further access to all or any part of its services.

Personal Data Protection

All personal and other data you have provided on voluntary basis shall be stored, processed and used by BE FIT for the purposes of maintaining specific functionalities of the offered services and for the purposes of BE FIT advertising and analysis, as well as for participation in games, promotions and raffles.

BE FIT guarantees that any personal data you have provided shall not be transferred to any third persons for advertising and promotion purposes. We hereby inform you that we reserve the right to use the IP addresses and other data of yours for identity disclosure if this shall be required by law, any legal procedures or to observe these General Conditions.

You have the right to access to your own personal data you have filled in before, and you can change them at any time.

Services and Goods Presented on the Website.

BE FIT will try to maintain updated and detailed information about the goods and services presented on the website. Nevertheless, please note that this information is valid only as at the date of being published. If you have any doubts, you can obtain updated information from a consultant on tel. 0700 10118 (at a regular phone call price). In case of non-conformities in the main characteristics of the goods, you can return them and to get your money back.

Be Fit shall be entitled to, at any time and without any notice, make changes in published products, services and prices. Some of the published products may become old. Any part of the information published on the website may relate to products, services and programs, which are not offered and are not available at the time being.

Mind the Colours!

Due to the different technical parameters of monitors, it is possible to have differences between the colours of the picture you are looking at and the real product! When ordering make-up cosmetics or hair dye, we highly recommend you to work with the relevant product colour code. Despite Be Fit is not liable in case of colour discrepancies, you may return the product within 7 days and we will reimburse your money. However, be careful in order to avoid the expenses for the factual return of the good.


All prices on the site are in Bulgarian levs (BGN) and are valid as at the time of publication thereof. The good prices are final and conclusive of all taxes and charges, except the delivery price, which is specified separately. In rare occasions, there may be a price change during the period between order confirmation and fiscal note issue. In such case you will be notified and the good will be delivered only upon your explicit confirmation by phone or by e-mail.


Only registered users who have agreed with these general conditions may place orders. In order to place an order you need to fill in the order form. By confirming the order, you enter into contractual relations with BE FIT OOD (Contract for Distant Sale). This contract shall be considered entered into at the time of issue of fiscal note and confirmation of the respective order by BE FIT.


All payments shall be effected in Bulgarian levs (BGN) only. You may pay the price of the goods or services ordered from the online store by using one of the following ways upon your own choice:

  1. 1. Bank card payment. In this case you shall deposit an amount equal to the price of the order through your bank card. Delivery shall be effected after the transaction is validated.
  2. 2. Bank transfer. In this case you shall deposit the full price of the order to the BE FIT’s bank account. The delivery shall be transferred for performance upon validation of BE FIT OOD’ account.

In the above cases, if no partial or complete refusal of purchased goods shall be received within seven days, BE FIT shall automatically accept the deposit as payment of ordered goods or services. If you shall refuse or shall return all or any part of the purchased goods, without any good return rules violation, BE FIT shall undertake to fully or partially reimburse the deposited amount.

  1. 3. “Cash on delivery” (payment upon delivery). In this case you shall pay the delivery in cash to the courier against fiscal note. By signing the voucher for consignment acceptance, you shall empower the courier to deliver the amount paid to BE FIT on behalf and at the expense of the courier.
  2. 4. At cash desk in a BE FIT drugstore. If you shall decide to take your order from the closest drugstore, you shall pay the price at the cash desk against fiscal note. In this case you are able to use all manners of payment accepted in the respective drugstore, including vouchers, food checks, etc. In this case you shall not owe any delivery charges.

Warning: EACH DELIVERY FROM BE FIT IS ACCOMPANIED BY A FISCAL NOTE (receipt) issued by the closest drugstore. Keep the fiscal not for a period not less than seven days! You will need it if you decide to exercise your right to return the good.

Delivery of Ordered Goods

The goods ordered through the online store are delivered by courier service in the way you have chosen and according to the specified terms. Deliveries can be done only within the geographic territory of theRepublicofBulgaria. Any deliveries outside theterritoryofBulgariashall be agreed in addition.

The delivery price shall be charged in addition to the price of the goods in the process of ordering. This price shall not be included in the fiscal note but shall be part of the contract for sale and is included in the total value of order you shall hereby agree to pay.

When receiving the good you have the right and the obligation to inspect the delivered goods. In case of damaged appearance due to transport, you have to ask the courier to fill in a protocol for damaged consignment. In case of missing items, please describe the shortage in the consignment receipt protocol and ask for the courier’s signature. BE FIT will send the missing item at its own expense upon receipt of original handover protocol from the courier.

Any orders confirmed to be received on the spot in a Be Fit drugstore which are not taken within 3 days shall be automatically cancelled.

Delivery Prices:

  1. Delivery on the territoryof Bulgaria– BGN 4,98. The goods will be delivered to you by courier service within 2 working days. For big cities – during the next working day. Any orders accepted after 5.00 p.m. shall be considered +1 day
  2. Regular delivery for Sofia – BGN 2,98. Term for delivery: within 1 working day.
  3. Express OFFICE deliver for the city of Sofia– BGN 4,98. The goods will be delivered to your work place within 9:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. every working day. The maximum delivery time is 3 hours after the receipt of the order. The order should be received not later than 3.30 p.m. in a working day.
  4. Free of charge delivery for orders for/ exceeding BGN 100 on the territory of Bulgaria.
  5. Delivery toEurope– BGN 59.00.

Delivery Problems
In case of failure to make the delivery (delayed or earlier delivery), which is not by your fault, BE FIT shall cover the expenses for the subsequent delivery.
You shall hereby agree to pay the subsequent delivery charge in case of second visit of the courier for your delivery upon your fault; data you have filled-in in the order form are incomplete or incorrect; you or a person you have authorized are absent thus failing to accept the delivery and making the payment if in cash.

In case of failure to deliver the consignment during the second visit, which is not by fault of BE FIT or the courier, the contract for distant sale shall be automatically terminated. In this case, BE FIT shall be entitled to receive from you or to deduct from your deposit all the expenses incurred for the delivery. The provision under the preceding sentence shall also apply in case of your unreasonable refusal to accept the consignment.

Waiver of Concluded Contract and Reimbursement of Paid Price

Pursuant to article 55, paragraph 1 of the Consumer Protection Law you have the right to refuse one or more of ordered goods within seven days after the delivery. To this effect the following conditions should be met:

  1. To inform BE FIT about your intention in advance. You shall do this in writing to: customer.suport@befit.bg or to the fax numbers shown in the “Contacts” section. You should always designate the specific BE FIT drugstore where the goods shall be returned and the bank account your money shall be reimbursed to.
  2. To return the specific goods in the drugstore you have designated. The goods should be in good sales condition, without damages on the original package, with full set of consumables and accessories, if any. The goods should not have been used by you.
  3. Any returned good should be accompanied by the fiscal note (receipt) received upon delivery.

All transport expenses for returning the good shall be at your expense. If a replacement of the good shall be agreed, BE FIT may propose payment of ½ of the delivery charges.

If you have exercised your right under article 55, paragraph 1 of the Consumer Protection Law, and save as the above conditions have been met, BE FIT shall undertake to reimburse the price already paid by means of bank transfer (to the bank account specified as shown above) within ten working days after the return of the goods.

Limited Liability

BE FIT shall not be liable for non-performance of orders if you have specified false, incomplete or incorrect personal data. You are obliged to keep the user name and password given by BE FIT strictly confidential. Any order made through the online store shall be considered valid if the user name and password accepted as valid by the system have been used, whether used by a person other than the title holder or by an unauthorized person or not.

BE FIT and its suppliers shall not be liable for any damages or lost profits whatsoever due to the use, failure to use or the results from use of the websites on the www.befit.bg domain.

Opinions for the Goods. Incorrect Use of the Website.

The functionality of this website gives the opportunity to publish opinions about offered goods and services. The entire responsibility about authenticity and any possible consequences from the wording of an opinion shall fall to the user who has published it. BE FIT shall reserve the right to delete opinions, which are not in Bulgarian language, do not refer to the topic, which sound unacceptable according to the moral public standards and contradict to the correct attitude, as well as those considered suspicious for trade or advertising sense.

BE FIT shall reserve the right to delete accounts and to block future access to the site by users who are considered incorrect or wilful.

Copyrights. Trade marks.

All materials, pictures, texts, design elements and concepts located on the www.befit.bg domain websites, except published trade marks, shall be property of BE FIT OOD. The matarials on this Site may not be anyhow modified, copied, made publicly available or used for any kind of public or trade purposes whatsoever. The use of materials published on this website on other websites without the explicit written consent of BE FIT OOD shall be prohibited and shall be considered violation of the Copyright and Similar Rights Law. We hereby inform you that the entire content of www.befit.bg is protected with concealed or visible copyright markers and any copyright violation shall be easily proved.

Upon purchasing a good being subject to copyright and/or patent rights, BE FIT shall not confer any further rights for use and distribution, except those explicitly stated by the producer/ distributor of the good.